Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Made Soap!

Woman Who Talks with Hands came to my house to show me how to make soap. She is smart and multi-talented, and we have lots of interests in common - canning, farming, chickens, orchards, knitting, sewing, and now soap making! I am a lucky girl to have such a good friend who is generous with her time and experience.

Not only did she come down to the farm, but Woman Who Talks with Hands created a soap recipe based on the oils I had at the house. Pretty cool!

We lined the molds (in this case the molds were bread loaf pans),  put on our long sleeves, gloves and eye protection and measured out the ingredients, blended - and blended and blended and blended - with an immersion blender, and then poured the soap into the molds.

When you mix lye with the oils, the concoction heats up. So you cover it with towels, and put it away for about 24 hours before it cools and solidifies enough to take out of the mold and cut into shapes. Because we have a few cats here at Seven Cats Farm, we put the soap on the highest shelf so the cats wouldn't find it.

They found it anyway and laid on it that night. It must have been very warm. Then next morning I found my soap stepped on and indented. What was meant for gifts ended up as awkwardly shaped soap samples . Oh well.

I did give away some samples at mom's birthday celebration. So far the feedback has been positive! Thank you so much, Woman Who Talks with Hands. Because of you I've caught the bug and will be taking the Nova Studio class this weekend! YAY!

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