Monday, January 19, 2015

It's About Time!

Wow - I can't believe it's been so long since I've checked in here. I'll try to do better. Boy oh boy!

So what's new? We are slowing down at the farm to take stock in what we have, get healthy, and prepare for the new season!

In October:
We planted a field of lavender. Seven different varieties for different purposes.
Number One Son and The Beautiful Bride helping with the lavender field

We added a bit of rosemary in the field also

Maddie helping with the planting
Baby Lavender!!!

We fostered two more kitties in addition to Sophia.
Thing One and Thing Two
The Beautiful Bride feeding Thing Two

Sophia not quite sure what to think about the two new invaders

I got completely overwhelmed when Lola hurt her back.
Lola on Drugs

We harvested apples and made apple butter.

I so love apple butter!

In November:
We had our soil composition tested in preparation for big construction in 2015.

I finished a BIG stained glass piece.
Yes, that really is a glass saucer in there!

We celebrated my mother's Big-Zero birthday.
The Gentle Rancher made the banner

The Lovey cutting up the biggest prime rib ever

And enjoyed the simple things of life on the farm.
Sunset on the farm

Love the clouds

Dorothy, one of the ferals

Ah, they are so bonded

Sophia and Thing Two

Thing Two, now named Cleopatra

Sophia is growing!
We are always amazed that we live here, in this land of beautiful sunsets

The persimmon tree is always neglected, yet produced so much fruit this year!

Weird weather had the apple and plum trees flowering in November.

Ghost Kitty, who has successfully integrated himself into the feral pride

Zenny, supervising the turkeys

Dang. Just beautiful

The dogs outside... and what are those on the roof?

Turkeys on the roof. Doesn't everyone have these? 

Love this beautiful oak tree

Check out that sunset!

In December:
The Lovey got a new knee.
First day back home

Lots of recuperation, with animals, of course

It rained!!!!
So grateful for the rain!

Somewhere over the rainbow

We decided we were going to keep Sophia and Cleopatra.
Getting so big


Not-so-little Sophia

And now, onward to 2015.

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