Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen -

We have gone live on Etsy, selling our soaps (lavender, patchouli and unscented) as well as our Lavender essential oil.

Come on over and take a gander!

Thanks in advance for the love and support!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Whale of a Tale

It started out simply enough. We drove to Moss Landing, CA

Moss Landing Power Plant
We boarded our boat.
Sea Goddess, our boat
The Lovey and I, excited about our boat ride
We saw some locals...

Sea Lion sunning himself

Three sea lions arguing about who was going to sit next to whom

MBARI, with a BUNCH of birds flying above
Cormorant sitting on a pile

Sea Lion discussions
Our escort as we head to sea
We encountered some kayakers in the open sea - they were close to shore, but still far enough out that they were in danger of encountering whales. Not so smart, considering this happened last week.
Not so smart kayakers
 Our first sighting.... a glimpse of things to come:

And then we were surrounded by these giant, gentle creatures.

Now - they are heading toward the boat we are on..

I left the people in the photo so you could get an idea of how close these humpbacks were.

And then they were gone. There is a smooth spot in the water showing where they dived.

And then they came back. This is about five minutes later. Our tour guid said there were about 10 in the herd that surrounded us. Humpbacks are solitary creatures, but sometimes come together to feed.

Here's a video I took toward the end of the day. They kept on and kept on and kept on.....

Whale fin
.....And this folks, is my
...whale tail.....

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wild Turkey

We have a little family of wild turkeys. Mind you, these are not 'ours', but true WILD birds that hang around our farm.

At first, there were just three or four, but after hatching babies, there are now 16.

They 'help me weed' the field.

And work under the oak tree. You can see our fenced orchard in the background. They even find their way in there. I am sure they do some cleaning up.

We have a bush in the backyard. We were going to take it out; it has thorns on the branches and is not a very pleasant site. And then we saw this:

These turkeys jump into the bush and eat the berries. Pretty funny. The younger ones can balance on the small branches. The older ones wait on the ground for berries to drop. Yes, we will be keeping the 'turkey bush'.

These turkeys have a routine they follow. You can count on them to be in the field at least once a day, under the oak tree and turkey bush twice a day... and in the tree in the morning.

Tree? What tree? We were feeding the chickens early one morning and saw this! It's like we were living in a Dr. Seuss book.

Sixteen turkeys fly up into a HUGE cypress tree. They just hang out, hopping from one limb to another. They aren't looking for food. Not hiding from predators. We have now seen them do this every morning, so it's part of their routine. Why a tree? Are they playing? Who knows what goes on in the mind of a turkey!

And then, they fly down, just like it was nothing... and are on their way again.