Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Work Day This Sunday, Feb. 15th!

With the weather we have had on the Central Coast, the plants are coming out of hibernation and things are growing! The Lovey and I have been dealing with significant health issues since the beginning of December and because of that things on the farm have gotten OUT. OF. CONTROL.

Almond tree already in bloom

Come join us for the Third Annual Work Day on the Farm, Pot Luck and Modern Hoe Down! Many hands make light work!

Can you see the lavender? Peek-a-boo!
We are doing things a little differently this year, so read the following carefully!

No, we are not growing straw, we are growing Chia straw. Chi-chi-chi- chia!

Weeds, weed, weed, weeds....

Where: Seven Cats Farm, Prunedale, CA
When: Sunday, February 15th from 10:00 - 3:00 (or whenever you want to arrive or leave)

Possible work activities: Weeding the lavender field, mulching said field, pruning and working in the orchard, pounding T-posts and other stuff. Maybe.

What to Bring:
     * Food: We will be having a pot luck, so bring a dish. ALSO - bring your own plates, silverware, glasses. No paper plates please. Let's be kind to our earth.

     *Tools: Gloves!!!!, shovels. hoes, rakes, pruners, whatever gardening tools you have that you think would be helpful. Of course, this is a farm, so wear proper shoes and clothes for farm work. You will be getting dirty! YAY Dirt!

Things to Consider:
     *No child care is provided. If you bring your child (and they are more than welcome), they will be under your care.

     *The weather forecast says it will be partly cloudy and 74 degrees. The day before and after are going to be clear and 80 and 71 respectively. So who knows what the weather will be. Bring some drinking containers (we'll provide the water) and dress accordingly.

     * Sunday is the last day of the AT&T Pro-Am. Traffic is guaranteed to be nasty if you will be traveling north at the end of the day. Leave when you must to avoid the craziness.

The turkeys are still around. They don't do a good job at weeding.

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