Thursday, September 25, 2014

To Keep or Not to Keep

So those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen some pictures, but let me get everyone caught up.

Two weeks ago our vet office called to say they didn't have anywhere else to turn. Awhile ago I said I could foster kittens and they were hoping I was still available. Of course I said yes.

A little, 4 week old, 10 ounce kitten was waiting.

I've had cats all my life, but kittens (and kittens this teeny) are new to me. She walked with a wobble, and cried for her mommy. The crying lasted about 24 hours and then she calmed down, and every day  her coordination got better and better.

The Lovey built a door to our kitchen to keep the kitty in and the dogs out.

The Lovey also fell in love, and has named her Sophia.

Thanks to 24-hour text access with a friend in RI, we fed Sophia correctly and were made aware of the magic of canned (or in our case, frozen) pumpkin.

Two weeks later and she runs, jumps and climbs. Climbing up pant legs are one of her favorite things to do.

So many people have asked - or assumed - that we are keeping her. And we would love to. We currently have four other cats, three are 16, one is 8 and they are all sick. So a young, relatively healthy kitten added to our family would make sense.


Lola thinks Sophia is a wind-up toy and really really really wants to play with her. Maybe even take out her stuffing.

The other dogs are very interested in her (except Jack and Rudy - they could care less), so we need to desensitize them. Here is what we are trying.

Sophia is not cooperating.

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