Friday, July 26, 2013

Riddle Me This

So what do you get when you cross this...

James the Rooster
He's a Buff Orpington
Studly man keeping watch over his 11 women
with this?

This is Alice. She is the only original chicken we have left.
She is an Australorp, a very consistent laying hen.
You get these!

Baby #2, born May 15
Baby #1, born May 2nd
Another photo of Baby #1. We keep calling her 'she' so that she remembers to be a girl. Or else...


  1. Um, Baby #1 is a really masculine girl. A really tall, broad shouldered girl. I might even see the start of a mustache. Uh oh....

  2. Ha. I was going to say Jalice. I know. Syd, you should check out my friend's blog, Quilting in my Pajamas. Her name is Shea, she's Australian. She's awesome. I know you guys would get along. Mention Chicken:-) She's super talented (like you)