Thursday, July 25, 2013

So close, and so proud

Milktruck in the Garage! YAY
Here are some of the (almost) finishing touches to the garage project. We LOOOOVE the garage and want to keep it as clutter free as possible.
Charging station for the Volt - just needs to be mounted to the wall
Look what the Lovey did! He had the dryer raised so I don't have to bend. Ahhhhhh. What a good guy!
The ever present water station and stereo. 

Which leads us to this:

I am so proud of The Lovey. He has gone through half or more of his 'stuff' that was shoved into boxes (by me) and schlepped down here. He promised that he would have this gone through in three years, and true to his word he is doing so. It is so hard to go through things, remembering your history, figuring out what is meaningful and what is not anymore. This is over 20 years of stuff... great memories, heartbreak and everything in between. That husband of mine has lived a few lives, so this is tough. I am so proud of him.


Things are being put into three categories: Garbage, Goodwill, and Save. A lot of what is in the save pile is actually a To-Sell pile.

Anyone want to buy some speakers?

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