Monday, August 5, 2013

What Does a Girl Do While Recuperating from a Back Injury?

I hate sitting and doing nothing... so I've been doing a few things. Here is a sampling... There are other things that I have made, but I can't show you. That would spoil the surprise of the gifts that some folks are getting.

When David and I were dating, he took me to a funky tourist town. In that town there was a home design and furniture shop that had a very manly quilt that David commented on. I made this quilt with that quilt in mind. However this quilt did not cost $500.00 or whatever crazy amount that they were asking. It is made of old shorts, shirts, jeans and a dress. David likes it and I am pleased with the result.

I took a class on how to make this 'wall hanging' - but of course I didn't want to make a wall hanging. I made four wall hangings and sewed them together to make a very large lap quilt. I think this is my favorite so far.

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