Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Up Close and Personal

After pulling all those weeds and chopping up the winter vegetables that had bolted or flowered (give this girl a machete and watch her go!), The Lovey tilled the field so everything could compost in place. Now we wait a week or so and then plant the tomatoes. This gives my hands a much needed rest. Instead of being on the field, I am doing a lot of paperwork, the not-so-fun part of farming; bookkeeping, planning, ordering supplies and cataloging seed inventory.

But I am always drawn to the field. So today I bring you some up close photos. Come join me in the dirt and see what's growing on:
Do you see the bee on the borage?

Silvia Red Romaine

Little Gems lettuce

Mereveille de Quatre Saisons Lettuce




Did you know Borage is an herb? It's leaves can be used in soup!

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  1. Beautiful! No wonder the Borage attracts pollinators. I have the little Gems seeds but haven't planted any yet.