Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Cameras

The Lovey and I, we celebrate everything. A trip to the grocery store is a grocery-store-date. Taking the dogs to the beach is a beach-date. Watching a movie at home, a movie-date. You get the idea... we try to celebrate everything. It makes me grateful every day instead of waiting for the 'biggies' like Thanksgiving or a birthday to remember or show others that we love them.

We also celebrate every day that is noteworthy. The day we first met, the day we moved to Seven Cats Farm, our wedding anniversaries. Yes, that's right. TWO wedding dates. One is our Justice of the Peace (JoP) wedding, the other is the day we celebrated with our friends. I think both of us think of our July wedding as the 'real one' although the State of California would tell you that May 1st is the official one.
Boysenberry blossom
We celebrated our fifth JoP anniversary with a photo date. We went to the orchard (shoulder-high in weeds, I am sorry to say) with new cameras to take pictures and try these babies out. David got a newly refurbed Fuji and I got a Mirco Four-Thirds camera.
Quince, with it's fuzzy leaves
The result? I like David's camera better, so the Micro 4/3's is going back. It took good photos, but I feel like a fish out of water using it. I'd rather not think about taking photos so much and just take them. I like simple, not sophisticated. This is probably the opposite of what most people want. Oh well.

Me, the theif
As for David, I'm stealing his camera. He's getting another one. Ha!
Apple blossoms

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