Monday, May 7, 2012

This weekend The Lovey and I planted tomatoes in the field. We planted 137, which is just shy of what we did last year. Here's the process:

Dig your holes two feet or so deep (it depends on the tomato height). We dug all the holes first, so every hole was two feet deep.

Organize your tomatoes.

Figure out where your tomatoes will be planted.

Determine where the bottom of the hole needs to be and add or take away soil. Put in your amendments (This year we put in 1/3 cup fish bone meal and bone meal, two aspirin, two handfuls of an organic fertilizer with a 4-6-3 designation, two tablespoons worm castings, and one tablespoon bat guano). Mix.


Water in.

Voila! Really happy (and REALLY tired) farmers.


  1. Awesome! What did you do differently from last year? The fish? The guano?! Interesting!

  2. You and Lovey are rocking it out there!!! I have about 20 tomatoes and they're nowhere near as big (or as planted) as yours! Go you!