Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Open Spaces

We don't have a perimeter fence. To quote The Lovey recently "I've learned that a gapped, barbed wire fence is better than no fence at all".

So in the interim, between barbed and To-Be-Determined deer fence and a gate, I am admiring the wild life that hangs out on our gentle land.

There is the coyote that I have not been able to photograph. S/he is beautiful. And oh, so stealthy. I have only seen her a few times; she stops in her tracks, looks at me and then runs off without making a sound. So far, our chickens have not been bothered. I am hoping that good luck continues.

Then there are the deer - those beautiful, gentle, rats on long legs. They will eat the trees we will soon plant, in addition to those in the test orchard. Because this has been such a dry season, they have been coming closer and closer to the house, eating things that they usually don't eat (rhubarb to be specific!). Soon these beauties will be fenced out of the property. Sigh.

And then there are these gorgeous creatures. They come by multiple times every day. EVERY DAY!!! I love them and usually stop whatever I am doing when I see them. It's mating season and our bachelor turkey has gathered himself a few girls. I am hoping for many turkey chicks in the near future!

In the sun you can see the many colors in their feathers. Bronze, black, brown, green, white, and even a turquoise-y blue.

Two males discussing things

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