Friday, October 4, 2013

I always thought they were pears...

Didn't you?
Still Life with Quince, Vincent Van Gogh
But no, many of the pear shaped fruit in old still life paintings are quince. Why? They last longer than a pear. At least this is my theory.

If you look closely at a quince, you can see their lovely shapes, their sexy curves, the way the light plays with their skin.

This year our little two year old tree produced quite a bit of fruit. I probably should have thinned it out a great deal when it fruited in the Spring, but if you all remember I was nursing my back. I didn't make many trips out into the orchard until the summer.

I believe I have most of the quince sold this year. The Lovey was worried that we wouldn't have any for us (since being introduced to Quince & Apple Sauce last year, we have become fans of this hard-to-find fruit). Silly man - we get the fruit we can't sell - and there is plenty of that, too!

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