Thursday, July 4, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

It was only supposed to be an attic addition to the garage - for additional storage. We took down some of the old paneling that was on an inside wall and saw the garage wiring. Oh, what a mess. Someone who didn't know what they were doing had installed it. Not in the whole house, mind you, just the garage. Awful. The insulation - bad. And then we looked at the heating/ AC unit that mysteriously stopped working about a year ago - what a disaster. Where a circuit breaker was supposed to be sat a piece of copper pipe, which had over heated and shorted out the wiring Ugh. Yes, this house DID pass inspection when we purchased it, but oh, there was so much missed. Let's just say that we are lucky the house hadn't burned down.

New door to new room

So since there was so much demo and reconstruction to do, we decided to design and create a garage area that was good for bad backs. So, we added a new room - small... but a room, nonetheless. We're calling it a mud room. Of course, we needed a new, wider door installed from the house to the room, and then from that room to the garage (two doors, total). We've added new insulation, so the garage shouldn't be 100+ degrees any more.

We've removed the human door and added a new, smaller garage door. That will be for the tractor, or the future mule purchase that we will will help us around the property in our later years.

Door outside, new insulation and dry wall going up.

I like to use a clothes line as our 'dryer', so we've added a side door to the newly located clothes line. A direct shot out the door - not too far to carry a laundry basket!

We've decided to relocate the hot water heater, washer and dryer. They were in a bad place. As the contractor was in the crawl space of the house, he found out that the dryer vent was put into the crawl space... years and years of lint from the dryer was in there. It looked like insulation, but no. It was lint. Such a fire hazard! Like I said, we're lucky the house didn't burn down.
Danger, Danger Will Robinson!
Here is our new hot water heater. Doesn't it look like the robot from 'Lost in Space'? It's funky like that because it has some special, electric-saving component to it (Thank you, Lovey, the engineer for finding it!).

And of course, there is the storage. We have pull down stairs that lead to the new attic space. I LOVE it!

One more thing - the HVAC unit is now in the attic. It is now installed, complete with proper breakers! Having it in the attic is a huge space saver! And now we're safe!

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