Friday, July 6, 2012

First of the Month Photos!

Things are a'growing on Seven Cats Farm!
That's a pretty quick view, so let's look a little closer!

Although this is not a glamorous photo, this is the #1 change in both the field and the orchard. DRIP LINE!!!!! Woot! There are so many reasons this is a big deal, but let's just say for now that my time has been freed up TREMENDOUSLY. Many many many thanks to The Lovey, Number One Son and The Neighbor's Son. These guys were instrumental in connecting all this, checking it for leaks and making quick work of something that would have alone, taken me a week to do.

But now let's see some other stuff!

Pole green beans

Two different trellising systems - the one to the left out of cattle fence, the other out of deer fence

Calendula (a relative of the marigold) and tomatoes

Summer Squash


More tomatoes!

Future purple beans

Bush beans - you can see where the crows pulled (and pulled again) many of the little plants.
This is 'third time's a charm' planting. :-(
Pretty good looking row

The orchard field - squash and shell beans, and lovely trees.

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