Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Smell of Sunshine

So where were we?

Oh yes - holes in the ground. Digging to China.

So the holes have been dug, the heavy duty cardboard tube has been placed in the ground, rocks for drainage have been put in place, the metal post has been put in place (at just the proper angle), and the concrete has been mixed, poured and cured. Phew.

Sealer was then applied to the dried cement, and then the two-part metal clothes line was erected. Screws are now holding it in place. This baby doesn't wiggle at all!!! And then the lines were strung through the eye-screws.

And now we have clothes hanging on the line. All this work, and why? The Lovey likes the scratchy feel of towels right off the line (well, who doesn't?). Me - I love just about everything about line dried clothes. The process, the feeling, the idea of using the sun's energy instead of electricity to dry my clothes. But the best part is the smell! Ah, that smell of sunshine. You can't put that in a bottle.

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