Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We are Still ln a Drought!

Today has been a whacky day already on the farm - black skies, pouring down rain, hail, wind, and now - sunshine.

It's hard to remember that even with the rain we have had in the last few months, we are still in a severe drought. I checked the local rainfall numbers this morning. We have received less than half of our normal rainfall. Really really scary stuff.

I think we are pretty conservative with our water use, until I start thinking hard about how we use it. We have been doing the 'normal' things to conserve - turning off the water when brushing our teeth or washing hands, flushing when - a-hem… 'necessary', washing full loads of dishes and clothes. But I have begun to think of what else we can do.

Here are some things I have begun to do:

  • Water house and outside plants with dish water or cooled water that I've cooked veggies in (no salt in the water!)
  • I've stopped taking bathes
  • We turn the water on less than full blast when we shower
  • Use a timer when we water the orchard (it's on drip irrigation so that's a water saver as well)

What do you do to conserve?

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