Thursday, September 19, 2013

I've been absent from this space

... and with good reason. I spent a week at My Farmer's house. She taught me to farm and then moved away to start her own farm/ dairy (Winter Hill Farm). Since she's been gone she's had another baby and her husband and she have increased the product line of the existing farm in which they now live. It was time I visited them.

I came at a time when they were crazy busy. You see, they are set up for two apprentices and sadly they only have one this year. And she injured herself the week before I got there. Her 55 hour work week was now missing and My Farmer and her husband had to do her work. And do their own work. And take care of their almost 2 and 3 1/2 year olds. And preserve their food for their own use.


These two work harder than I have ever seen people work. Honestly. And I know some pretty hard working people. Not only are their days long (they start at 4:30 am and end around midnight), but their pace is fast. No days off, no weekends, no vacations. No rest for the weary in this household.

What I learned from my week there was that every bit of business is crucial for a family farm. Support your family farmers, folks. Go to your farmer's market. Buy local. Help your neighbor. And don't bitch about how hard your life is. It isn't as hard as theirs. Really, it isn't.

Scroll down with me and see what they have done in 2 short years

Added apprentice living space to the farm 
Planted LOTS of flowers - to encourage the bees to visit.
Added beauty and love to their home
Added chickens to the farm to get eggs. 

Added Jersey cows to the herd to get richer milk
Added veggies to sell at farmer's markets and they now have a CSA

Tucker, the wonder dog

Heirloom apple varieties in the soon-to-be rehabed orchard

Randall cow, a very rare breed

Randalls, a good looking cow.

Their sweet new little barn kitty

Yogurt, really yummy yogurt. And if you really want to give yourself a treat, get their Greek yogurt. Oh My Goodness!
Cheese - lovely varieties of really good cheese

Eggs! There were 300 in the stack and about 300 more to wash. I 'helped' them wash, but was slow as molasses

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