Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lovey is a Hero

How many of you have big garbage bins that you role to your sidewalk on garbage day eve so the garbageman (or 'sanitation engineer' if you want to be PC) in the big garbage truck will pick up your trash and take it away? What do they do with it anyway? Ahh - that's another post.

Anyhoo, The Lovey came up the driveway (a 1/10 of a mile hike) a few days ago while I was painting the Non-shed Shed to tell me that someone had thrown garbage in the green waste bin and filled it up with water. We had left the bin just inside our fence line and had neglected to bring it all the way back up to our house. He had come up to get a shovel, pitch fork and garbage bin and was headed back down to dump the water out and move the garbage from the green waste bin and into the proper garbage bin.

Well, what he discovered was the garbage was bagged chicken butcherings... heads, feet, entrails, carcasses. From about a dozen chickens. Maybe more. The 'water' wasn't water. It was the oozings from the chickens. Seems that one of our neighbors killed some chickens and we were the beneficiary of their waste. They could have buried their leftovers, but NO, they were generous and wanted to share the wealth. They came onto our property and deposited their gift into our green waste bin. Thanks neighbor! The smell was awful. Is it grossing you out just reading it? Well it should. Just imagine being there in person. Be thankful there is no smell-evision on the internet.

The Lovey moved the bags, washed the bins, and took a shower. A couple of them. He did this with no moaning, no complaining. He just did it. This is one of the many reasons I love him. He just does stuff like this. He is my hero for oh so many reasons, and he just added one more.

I get pissed off just writing this; documenting the arrogance of someone who didn't want to deal with their shit so they left it to us. The cowardice of someone depositing shit into our bin. The audacity of someone sneaking onto our property. No, we don't live in the city anymore. I don't think you would find dead chicken parts in the city. Maybe a little KFC, but not THIS. And we've learned a hard lesson - never leave your garbage bins on the street. Yep, lesson learned. I'm going down to get those bins now.

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