Thursday, May 23, 2013

And Then our Barn was Raped

Rape: Abusive or improper treatment; violation
Raped: To plunder or pillage

When we purchased Seven Cats Farm three years ago, the Realtor told us the barn was not part of our property. It didn't make sense as it was certainly sitting on our land. It was old and had character and charm. After much research and walking around in poison oak, we determined yes, the barn was ours. It would need some love, but it was quite sturdy and with a few additions would be very functional (additions like a back fence and some door latches).

We started to do some upgrades last week. A new roof and siding where needed. We hired a guy recommended through our chicken network. He was polite, on time and got things done quickly. 

And then we looked at what he had done. For those of you who are connected with me through Facebook, well - you know this story. For those of you that are seeing this for the first time, you will see that nothing was done correctly. I wouldn't even call this 'rough work'. More like slap it up and call it a day. 

Based on the receipts received, it looks like double the materials were purchased than were used. So this is a yet another issue to deal with. 

We are in the process of getting second opinions, contractor write-ups and re-bidding. We'll let you know what happens as we go along. 
No Screens put in place on the windows or at the roofline

Unfinished roof  - it's like this all the way around

Everything is crooked

And then there is the ground contact. Not good when you live where termites are

Crooked, crooked and more crooked

Ground contact

Wrong size wood

Yet another view

Piece wood used as a support beam

Nails used in hinges, splitting the door and nailed it shut

More ground contact

New roof - already buckling

Wrong size hinges and not enough screws.

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  1. OMG!!! If you all had done the work yourself, I'd say it was a charming, crooked little barn. But that someone took money for that?? I hope you'll be getting a refund! I'm sorry! :-(