Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So what did we do this weekend?

Why, thank you for asking! We went away to Big Sur. A little get away with no internet access or cell phone coverage is good for the soul. Most people think Big Sur is a town, a location, a specific point. It is not. It is an area south of Carmel, where the mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. It is my absolute favorite place on earth.

We drove down here and saw this as we went

there was a little construction

We arrived at our cabin and were greeted by our neighbors

This man LOVES animals. Anything with four legs.
And these folks

and these

Here is our cabin
Cabin on the left (in the shade), bathroom on the right
and the view from the cabin

There was a heart in the path

Hey Mom, do you see it?
Here's the bathroom

And the view from the bathroom

Our view of sunset

We slept under these

and next to this

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  1. Nice! Did you rent the cabin? If so what is it called or where is it? We recently spent part of Spring Break Camping in Big Sur but had a couple of days of rain. It's nice to have indoors in rainy weather.