Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Few Years of Friday

I'm a knitter. And a spinner. An overall fiber-aholic. When I lived back East I used to joke that I spent so much money on yarn and fiber that if I ever became homeless, at least I'd be warm. In the early days of our relationship (like day 20), I showed The Lovey my fiber 'collection'. Deep down I was trying to scare him away. It didn't work. He was impressed with my spinning hobby and made videos of me spinning to show to his friends.

When the Lovey and I were dating, he gave me a birthday present of ceramic sheep figurines. He said they were place holders for the sheep that someday he would get for me. Sure, I thought. I lived in a condo and he lived in a 2 bedroom house with a teeny yard in the middle of Silicon Valley. A sheep. Ha! Whatever.

After we got married The Lovey's bestest friend, the Gentleman Farmer who lives in Minnesota called to tell me that he had my sheep. He would take care of her, and I got to name her and have her fleece. The Lovey and he had been in cahoots all along. We named her Friday after the Norse Goddess Freyja - goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death, who thought cats were sacred.
Young Friday - just a few days old
Fast forward to today, and we have fleeces. Ladies and Gents - LOTS of fleeces. So what is a good spinning girl to do? Skirt the fleece so they can get processed! The Lovey and I are heading down the coast for a little vacation, and we are going to stop by Morro Fleece Works to drop of this white bunch of loveliness!

Skirting means to take off the yucky parts - poop, weeds, really matted parts, etc. So I spread each fleece out on a tarp, take the nasty bits out and then package it. I LOVE the smell and feel of the lanolin-laden fleece. Truly, it doesn't get much better than this.

Of course, there is always an audience.
Rudy and Maddie at the door

And at the end of the day we get Cat TV. Here is one of the ferals playing in the tarp that the fleece was on. It smells good to her, too!

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