Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Year I had a 'Zero' Birthday

... as in the big 'X'-0. That 'X' is not a two. Or a three. Or a four.

I'm fine with it. I'm in the 'New 30' Club. Didn't you know fifty is the new thirty? Oh, you hadn't heard? Well, now you know. Anyhoo, it's a number and I'm fine with it. But my back. Ah, my back. It isn't so fine.

Long ago, when I was in my 'three-O's', I was in a minor car accident. Minor I tell ya! But I ended up being out of work for 4 months. The doc said I was healed, but I have always thought that doc was a quack. Ever since, I've had periodic flare-ups. Since starting the farm, I've pulled my back out three times. Each  recuperation time was at least three weeks.

So, something has to give.

It's been a hard transition. Plans always change and grow, transition from paper to reality and then refinement. But this, this has been tough. The body isn't allowing me to do what we had planned. Oh, those days of 200 tomato plants are gone. At least for now.

I've not been posting because I was wishing that it wasn't true. You know - Peter Pan and Mary Poppins and all those characters who have told us that if you wish hard enough things just might come true. Well the wishing hasn't helped a bit. Hard work, re-focusing, re-adjustment, different planning... those things are working.

We still have the farm. We still have magical sunsets. We still have space to do THINGS, those things are just different than what I had first thought.

Fifty has not started off as I would have hoped. But it will be fine. It's just a transition, a change. Now when we think of something, the first considerations are: How much bending? Lifting? How heavy? We'll get there.

So stay with us, and watch the transition.
Only 50 plants this year
Oh - and yes, there are still tomatoes. I just can't help myself.

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  1. Hang in there. You can still get it done. With proper technique, the right tools, and a little ibuprofen, the world can still be yours.

    Illegitimi non L carborundum.