Thursday, October 25, 2012


With Fall comes apples. In our orchard that we planted 22 months ago, five apple trees were planted. But we have had little to no apples grown to maturation there. I pull the fruit from the trees so the energy will go into the roots. But we have two trees that came with the house - we think they are Mutsu, but we are not sure. In the few years that we have lived here, the tree has ripened in late October. Not this year. We were out picking fruit on the weekend of October 13th, but we could have picked them a weekend earlier.

 Here are about 200 pounds of apples from one tree.

What do we do with all this bounty? We sell them! And those we don't see, we make into applesauce. And this year - we are dehydrating!

The green basket was full with apples. After dehydrating, they have shrunk down to two one-gallon ziploc bags. Nice! 

Cinnamon likes apples. We had our apples in the kitchen, in harvest baskets on the floor. She decided she should help herself.



And she wants the dehydrated ones, too!

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