Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is She or Isn't He

So awhile back we had the horrid chicken murder. Then we got two chickens from a local farmer friend. This is what they looked like then.

April 2012
Here is what they look like now:
July 2012
This is is Friedrich. He is DEFINITELY a rooster. He crows.

But who is this?

Is it Liesl or Kurt? Let me give you a few hints... 

  • S/he does not crow
  • S/he does not lay eggs
  • S/he does not have spurs on his/ her feet
  • S/he runs away from both Friedrich and Alice
  • S/he is the last to eat
  • S/he used to have a few more tail feathers. All the chickens escaped once and a few feathers were lost in the process of capturing him/her.

So, if you can tell who s/he is, I'd be grateful. If she is an egg layer, then she's a keeper. If he's a crower, then he's the winner. Well, not really. Winner winner chicken dinner!

1 comment:

  1. I've had many of these. It's got to be one of my rooster, Sir's, babies. (Blue Marans,Cuckoo Marans mix). You can wait until he crows to be sure, but I say it's a rooster. They have a certain look, shape, size that the hens don't. :-(
    Winner, winner....