Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes, I've had work done....

We do everything here on the farm. WE. do everything. It's the Lovey and I. Two crazy fifty something's. The Lovey does all things technical (tractor driving, field and fence design and construction). I do everything else (plant and tree selection and placement, seed starts and saving, watering, bug squishing, gopher control, plant harvest, post harvest processing and packaging). Together we designed the irrigation system (which will be put together tomorrow - I hope) and we also do some post-processing together. We cleaned and hung garlic to cure. We shelled, re-shelled and packaged six bushels (which condensed down to a lot of seed beans for next year's planting and 46 usable cups for us) of fava beans. But enough about us.

This is Juan.

This is Juan's son, Herve. 

Together, they are Rodriguez Tree Service. Juan is an honest, reliable, HARD WORKING man who is just starting his own business. He's teaching his son the ropes (ha - excuse the pun!). He is also part monkey. 
Do you see Juan?

We had a group of Cypress trees that were incredibly overgrown and in desperate need of pruning. These things are TALL. I don't know how tall - 4 stories? Anyway - Juan was called in to do the job.

He doesn't have a cherry picker, he climbs up the trees and has an 18' safety rope he wraps around himself and the tree. He has a second rope that he uses to pass things to his son and back.

Juan tightrope walking on a branch WAY UP in the tree
Juan does the tree trimming (or in our case it was major thinning surgery) using both a chain saw and long saws on long handles. Herve gathers cut branches and piles them.
Juan in the tree, Herve waiting for the next branch.

Close up
Farther away
Perspective. If you look REALLY close, you can see Juan the Monkey Man WAY UP in the tree to the right
Yes, we had the work done. Do you blame us? Look how even he's cut them. Artistry, I tell ya!

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  1. Good grief! He really IS part monkey!
    They did a swell job - an I for sure do not envy them their profession....