Friday, February 17, 2012


2 1/2 week old tomato plants
Last year as you might remember, late blight - a nasty airborne fungus - found it's ugly way to all my 140 tomato plants. I was heartbroken. It was like a bad breakup. It was sudden, swift and final with little explanation.

I vowed never to grow tomatoes again. Then I decided that I'd only grow for my family.

It's amazing what time will do. You are looking at part of the almost 200 tomato seeds planted. 66 varieties of tomatoes. Yes, I changed my mind.

Really, if you're a farmer, you gotta have hope. You put seeds into dirt and do your best and believe that there will be a great result. Heartbreak aside, I learned so much last year about the farm's climate and what may or may not do well here. I chose different varieties of tomatoes (those that have proven to do better in coastal areas and others that I have a hunch about) than I did last year. And I've also planted other seeds - flowers to bring in beneficial bugs, eggplant, lettuce and kale. No peppers this year. And when the soil is warm enough, I will direct seed those things that do best with that.

Yes - we will have quite the variety here at Seven Cats Farm. And I am hopeful - and excited - about what this season will bring!

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